Associate Product Manager

Salary $60-70,000


  •       Interacts with Stakeholders for collection of requirements.
  •       Runs the Planning Meetings
  •       Creates Acceptance Criteria
  •       Coordinates the work with Engineering Teams

Attributes of a good Product Owner

  •       Know how to negotiate (or push back) with stakeholders.
  •       Know how to communicate with non-Agile folks.
  •       Have technical aptitude for translation of requirements.
  •       Know the difference between a Project Manager versus a Product Owner.
  •       Have good Agile Knowledge.
  •       Have compatible personality with the Scrum team.
  •       Handle stress well.

Product Owner Role Job Description


  • Lead product team as the business owner of product.
  • Define the right product, by considering all perspectives and constraints:
  • Understand the market & customer needs;
  • Understand marketing approaches and needs;
  • Understand sales process & needs;
  • Understand support needs and constraints;
  • Understand technical constraints and options;
  • Work with Engineering, Marketing and Sales to define go to market plans, deliver product successfully.
  • Work with engineering team to address customer issues with bug fixes and product enhancement.
  • As appropriate, lead or participate in partnering discussions and activities.

Key Skills

  • Ability to work across the company, including Engineering, Support, and Operations.
  • Understanding of product domain (market, customers, competitors).
  • Ability to make tradeoffs involving time, money, technology options, and risks.
  • Ability to relate big picture view to tactical plans.
  • Ability to work with customers, prospects, partners, and analysts.


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